Why You should join the Lake.


In this day and age, with its hectic lifestyle, the term "Stop and Smell the Roses" applies to the Association right at your front door. Whether you’re a young family or established in your senior years, the Lake Lenape Association has something to offer everyone. It wasn't too many years ago that the Lake was a summer vacation spot. We now live where most people would love to vacation. This, however, has not come without a price.

We could talk about the beauty, friendship, Romance and Relaxation of being a Lake Association Member, (and all of that is very true), but when you get down to the nuts and bolts, were talking about MONEY.



Here's what happens with your dues money:

- The Beach and Clubhouse are maintained.

- The Lawn and grounds are Maintained.

- The lifeguards are paid.

- The Lake is maintained with weed control and other necessities.

- The property taxes are paid.

- Insurance for the Lake is paid

- Food and beverages are purchased for the FREE picnics.

- The Kids play areas are improved and maintained.

- Safety ropes and a swim raft are maintained.

- Badges and stickers are provided for identification.


Here's what you don't pay for (Compliments of your fellow Members)

- A Board of Trustees that oversees the lake community.

- A Telephone chain that notifies you of all the upcoming events.

- Manpower that volunteers for all the labor-intensive duties to maintain the Lake.

- Volunteers that help organize and participate in all the Lake Social Events.

- Composition of the Lake "Sentinel" publication.

- (and the list just goes on and on.)


Here's what you receive for your dues:

- A well maintained Lake Community that is designed for your family’s utilization.

- (Not to mention Free Social Events with food and drink sponsored by the Association)


..And MOST Importantly:

The real estate value of your property within the lake association will hold a much higher value with the presence of the Lake and all of its facilities. By joining the Lake Association, you are not only helping to sustain the community that you live in, but you are protecting one of the biggest financial investment you've made, Your Home.


Come and join us at the Beach.